MSS Box II is a new generation box from the producers of MSS3 and MSS4 solutions.

With MSS Box II you get universal communication device for servicing electronic equipment (including mobile phones) and modern platform for protection of all released and future developed software products. This small box incorporates all our experience inside and extremly easy to use!

NOTE: This MSS BOX II is Activated with MSS Software and come without HASP Dongle.
MSS Service Software 1.24 has been released.
( 6 May 2008 )
Added support for new CDMA phones...
ODM Service Software 1.10 has been released.
( 4 May 2008 )
Added full support for W156, W160, W175...
MSS Service Software 1.23 has been released.
( 8 April 2008 )
Added support for multiple...
Important information:
( 7 February 2008 )
We would like to pay your attention...


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